Did Not Attend

Non-attendance of appointments costs the NHS thousands of working hours each week. In July 2023, Ludham & Stalham Green Surgeries offered:

  • 1077 GP appointments – 48% of which were face to face
  • 1241 Nurse & HCA appointments

Thank you to everyone who promptly attended their appointments.

Unfortunately, 93 patients failed to turn up for their appointments and gave us no prior notice. Which consisted of:

  • 21 GP appointments
  • 25 Nurse appointments
  • 47 HCA, Mental Health, Physio or any other clinician

This amounted to 26 hours and 57 minutes of wasted clinical time.

Please let us know in advance of your appointment if you know you are not going to be able to make it so we can reallocate these appointments to patients who need them.

If you receive text message reminders, you can cancel at any time of day or night by replying with the word CANCEL. Appointments can also be cancelled using our online cancellation form.

Wasted clinical time per month

  • January 2023: 21h 22m
  • February 2023: 32h 26m
  • March 2023: 50h 34m
  • April 2023: 28h 2m
  • May 2023: 35h 15m
  • June 2023: 36h 47m
  • July 2023: 26h 57min

Total since January this year: 245 hours and 29 minutes of wasted time which is 865 appointments missed.